A new adventure


Guys. Soon I will be saying goodbye to my home in Tuscaloosa and moving on to Anniston to work at The Anniston Star newspaper! Those two lovely ladies posing in the picture above are my future roommates and amazing classmates, Laura Monroe and Elizabeth Lowder. Not pictured is my other roommate and photo taker, Elizabeth Manning. The four of us, along with three other classmates, will start working NEXT WEEK at The Star. We’ve been waiting to leave the entire school year, and now it’s suddenly here.

Featured in the photograph above is our sweet new loft in downtown Anniston, which I haven’t seen yet. Having caught laryngitis at the most inopportune time, the girls had to check out the place sans me. Thankfully, I have faith in my comrades. Moreover, I have proof of the adorableness of our new loft.

Exhibit A

Taken by Laura Monroe


Elizabeth L. dubbed this spot the “creativity nook.” Note the chandelier, ottoman, exposed brick and most importantly, the advantageously-positioned window, surely meant for spying on townsfolk. So yes, we’re saying goodbye to our jobs and offices in the University of Alabama journalism department, our time in the traditional classroom and our various local reporter positions. I had my last class, my last staff reporter meeting and my last cup of coffee for the semester. I’m feeling a bit sentimental.

Yet along with the wistful sadness of saying goodbye comes the sense of adventure in saying hello. I’ll be reporting in a new town, with new people and new traditions will certainly be made. I have five story ideas floating in the back of my mind, and I can’t wait to jump into the mix of things.

So here’s to keeping old friends, but also making new ones.


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