A writer’s guide to de-stressing


Writers often experience a tremendous amount of anxiety. They balance writing, interviews, social media and deadlines, all while keeping up with current events. Before pulling your hair out or overdosing on caffeine, check out some of these foolproof ways to manage and relieve stress.

  • Go for a 10-minute walk

According to a scientifically-based article from the Huffington Post, walking naturally releases endorphins that reduce stress hormones. Walking through a park or another green space works even better, as it can

  • Visualization 

HuffPost also listed visualization techniques as a method for alleviating stress. Simply picture a relaxing situation. This is your “happy place” – a peaceful spot in your imagination. Envision yourself basking in the sun on the beach or walking through the woods. This daydream can be anything you want, but remember to visualize a calm situation.

  • Music

Music is my personal solution to angst and worriment. Turn on your favorite upbeat tunes and jam out. I find that positive, bouncy or bass-filled music is the best way to recapture cheerful spirits. If you’ve been working for a while, music can liven up a dreary office atmosphere and in turn bolster your attitude and productivity. As an online, mobile and tablet service, Spotify offers users free mood music. I highly recommend the “Re-Energize,” “The Happy Hipster” and “Creativity Booster” channels.

  • Take care of yourself 

This is easier said than done. When feeling intense pressure, it can be tempting to put yourself last. However, Every Day Health recommends prioritizing relationships, physical activity, as well as healthy eating and sleeping habits. Perpetually ignoring your own physical and mental needs for work can actually increase your stress levels.

You can also make to-do lists, delegate tasks or take a short break from your laptop. Be careful not to take on too many stories or too much work. If stress is ruling your life instead of you, take the time to reevaluate your situation.



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