Trash TV is my everything


In a previous post, I hinted that I may be slightly addicted to coffee. Only one thing supersedes this addiction: trash TV, baby. If you need the skinny on Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Being Human, Ghost Whisperer, the X-Files, Vampire Diaries, the OriginalsDracula or the Mindy Kaling Show, I’m your girl.

When a friend recently asked me to suggest a new television show, I started running through my list of favorites. I quickly became disturbed at how many show were on this list. Is it possible to be addicted to television? Apparently, yes, it is.

And then I started to ruminate more deeply on the pros and cons of watching so much TV. Surely this can’t be good, I thought. So I carefully observed my own viewing habits.

What I discovered: When I get home in the evening, I turn on the television. When I wake up in the morning, I turn on the television. I watch episodes while eating, while dressing and while putting on my makeup. After extensive self observation, I noticed that I wasn’t paying close attention to these shows. Mostly, they were just on in the background.

I guess you could say that TV is my life’s soundtrack. To give you a sense of the breadth of this matter – I’m watching television right now.

Maybe I should feel worse about this, but I get so much done with television on and acting as background noise. I do a plethora of writing while in the throws of a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. If I write in silence, I hear every noise, from the dog barking down the street, to the faucet dripping, to my kitten scratching on his kitty post. Somehow, the distraction of television drowns out all other distractions and keeps me trained on the writing task at hand.

So, with these new realizations in mind, I will proudly re-watch episodes of Once Upon a Time and Modern Family, all while pounding out my next article. It’s time I embraced my addiction.

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8 thoughts on “Trash TV is my everything

  1. Very interesting observation, this would be a good segue into the overstimulation that children experience with constant background entertainment. I see way to often familes out to dinner while the kids are not communicated with their familes, instead they are playing video games and watching movies. I myself have done this very thing with my children. I read a study of constant stimulation of the brain could be the result of so many children/adults with ADHD. I put myself to sleep a night watching what I think is relaxing and my guilty pleasure, when in fact I usually give myself nightmares of murders and zombies. If you can’t tell my guilty pleasures are “The Walking Dead” and “Bates Hotel.”

    • Jenny, your comment is right on the money. Society is so overstimulated that we no longer know how to rest. I love that you have to “put yourself to sleep” with television. Like so many Americans, you and I must hear noise to get some peace and quiet.

  2. I know what you mean. I have BBCA playing in the background while working from home. It makes me feel smarter and well traveled, but I never leave my desk.

  3. EMBRACE YOUR ADDICTION! While I can’t say I’ve ever heard of the concept of Trash TV, as a part of that television business, I can say our lives depend on your watching what we produce. Please embrace your addiction. We need you.

  4. I couldn’t tell you how many shows I’ve half watched while doing work, which left me thinking “What the hell just happened?” after a few series finales.

    • Brad, I feel exactly the same way. So many times, I have “watched” a show, only to have no idea what occurred during the program. This made me question whether or not I should have the television on at all. But it facilitates my writing process, so I march bravely forward to the entry music of “The Golden Girls.”

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