Networking and Food Blog South


Amidst the aromas of spinach cream crab cakes, fried buffalo blue cheese cream oysters and white chocolate glazed bread pudding, I found myself again. As I filled my plate while contentedly humming “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” I looked around at the vast array of attendees.

While its titillating cuisine remains at the forefront of my memory, the 2014 Food Blog South convention offered participants a myriad of opportunities.

Though I consider myself more of a journalist and less of a food blogger per se, volunteering at this event opened my eyes to a niche world I never knew existed. I had heard whispers of food blogging pursuits, but I had never witnessed its power in action.

Hundreds of people gathered in the poshest area of Birmingham to discuss publishing, multi-media platform writing, tips for digital tools and much more. Through the sheer power of networking, all of these people came together to celebrate and promote an art they personally loved. That is amazing.

Even Southern Living showed up to mingle. I couldn’t help but think, “Bloggers did all this?” Yes, ladies and gentlemen. They absolutely did. Because there is one thing these bloggers did better than blogging: networking. These guys all knew each other personally, through social media or through word of mouth. In a way, this conference made me view blogging itself as a form of networking with others. Many attendees were widely successful in their field, and they each had this in common. Thankfully, I have recently taken up blogging myself.


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