Super Bowl commercials 2014


Okay, guys. Confession time: I don’t care that much about football. There. I said what cannot be unsaid in the deep South.

Super Bowl Sunday is just another Sunday to me, with the exception of my boyfriend Brad hopping around in excitement all day about the impending game. I mean, I’m happy for him. Yet no matter how hard I try, football – especially NFL football, is just not my idea of a good time. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy the accompanying entertainment during half-time and, of course, the intermittent commercials.

Armed with the full knowledge that millions of people will be viewing the game, the top companies in the country present their wittily funny and heart-rending ads that they spent so much money on.

So, in an attempt to get on board with my football-friends, I have decided to rank some of 2014’s Super Bowl commercials by level of humor, cleverness and coolness.

6. The Doritos Commercial No. 1

In comparison to last year’s Doritos ad, this commercial fell far short of my expectations. This year’s commercial featured a loud-chewing goat. After three consecutive years of extremely funny Super Bowl ads, I can say that, without a doubt, the anticipation was much sweeter than the actual commercial.

5. The M&M’s Commercial

This commercial rocks in the sense that the red M&M sings Meatloaf’s early 90s “I’d Do Anything For Love” song, which is basically comedic perfection. Making an inanimate object animate is always funny, not to mention the ridiculous sexual overtones in the ad. It’s greatest failing, however, is redundancy. It is simply an extended version of an older commercial that most television viewers have probably seen before.

4. The Doritos Commercial No. 2

Points to Doritos for having a second commercial, which was much funnier than the first. In its second commercial round, there is bro-mance, parent humor and even cross dressing. Though it was still not Doritos’ best ad, it did include an everyman type of humor.

3. The Microsoft Commercial

What a tear jerker. Featuring physically handicapped individuals of all ages, this commercial demonstrates how what looks like a disadvantage can instead turn out to be an advantage with the help of technology. The sad and intense music also inspired some bittersweet feelings within me. Though I know it’s advertising at its best manipulating my emotional psyche, I still love it.

2.The Taco Bell Commercial

In a word: “awesome.” This commercial ventured into the realm of the bizarre, I will say. Its main plot point involved a group of elderly retirement home residents, who snuck out to participate in clubbing, drinking, random tattooing, illicit sex and, of course eating Taco Bell. Eventually, the old timers snuck back into their retirement home. This ad is great for juxtaposing stereotypes of young and elderly individuals.

1. The KIA Sorento Commercial

The Sorento promotion brought to the table a cerebral sense of humor, which I greatly appreciate. A little boy asks his parents how babies are made, and the Sorento comes to his parents’ rescue. This held a cuteness and a cleverness that all viewers could enjoy. Most importantly, however, it did not go overboard.

There you have it folks, the moderately priced and moderately commercialized KIA Sorento wins! Until next year…


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